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Although you can browse public photos at Flickr without becoming a member, there are many things you still cannot do a Flickr without becoming a member:

  • You cannot upload and share your own photos
  • You cannot view for-invitation-only photos uploaded by your friends and families to their Flickr accounts
  • You cannot link any photos to your blog
  • You cannot comment on any photo

Obviously, the first thing you want to do is become a member.

In this post, I’ll explain the process to you about how you can become a free member. In a later post, I’ll discuss the advantages of upgrading to a Pro account. Remember that even if you never upgrade to a Pro account, you can do almost everything up to a certain limit using a Free account.

Here’s how you can sign up to Flickr:

  1. The first thing you need to sign into Flickr as a member is a Yahoo! account–most people have Yahoo! mail accounts and if you don’t have one, do get signed up using this link–then come back and read the rest of this tutorial.Before Yahoo! acquired Flickr, the sign-up did not require a Yahoo! account–so that may explain why your friend signed up for Flickr without a Yahoo! account.
  2. Just head to Flickr and and opt to sign up using the convenient button/link on their homepage (see Figure 1 below).
    Figure 1: The Sign up link on Flickr’s homepage
  3. This will take you to the Sign In page where you just log in with your Yahoo! login and password (see Figure 2 below).
    Figure 2: Login to your Yahoo! account on
  4. Once you sign in, there’s one more step still left. You’ll get an option to change your screen name on Flickr (see screenshot)–and your screen name can be different from your Yahoo login.Although by default your screen name is your Yahoo login ID, it’s a good idea to change it here since the changed name can have spaces. It’s always better for an audience to know that they are seeing Scooby Gooseberry’s photos on Flickr than from someone called scoobygb2006!

    Figure 3: Change your screen name

  5. That’s all you need to know to sign up to Flickr. In subsequent posts, you and me will use Scooby Gooseberry’s account on Flickr to search and comment on Flickr and upload our first photo.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the instructions. You made the process appear easy- and I am a bit of a dill with all things technological!

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