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Before you ask people to see your photos on Flickr, spend a minute to create your own Flickr web address. A Flickr web address is an alias that you can specify for yourself so that it becomes part of the URL to your Flickr page.

For example, Scooby Gooseberry’s Flickr web address is:

Not only will it be easy for you to send an alias based Flickr web address to others, it will also be simpler for you to remember your address!

To create your own web address on Flickr, follow these steps:

  1. If you haven’t already signed into Flickr, do that now.
  2. You’ll find an option on the Welcome to Flickr page to choose your Flickr web address (see Figure 1). Click that option.
    Figure 1: Choose your Flickr web address

    If you don’t find this option on your welcome page (the Flickr home page after you have signed in), that might be because you have already created a Flickr web address.

    As a last resort, try visiting this link while you are signed into Flickr:

  3. Once you get to the page where you can choose your web address (see Figure 2), make sure you choose something that you can live with since Flickr web addresses cannot be changed once they are associated with a Flickr account.
    Figure 2: Choose your Flickr address

    Your Flickr web address, as you can see in Figure 2 includes the alias you choose–the chosen alias gets suffixed to the “” URL. Your alias cannot contain any spaces, and may contain alphabet letters, numbers, underscores, and hyphens–normally a combination of these works well too. Choose something easy–if that alias is already taken, Flickr asks you to choose something else.

  4. Next, Flickr asks you to confirm if you are sure you want to choose this alias (see Figure 3). This is your last chance to choose another alias.
    Figure 3: Are you happy with your alias?

    If you are happy with the alias, click the OK, Lock It In button–or alternatively, click the I need to choose a different alias hyperlink to start the process of choosing an alias again.

  5. Once you have created an alias, you can send your Flickr web address to anyone–and people can see your public photos even if they are not Flickr members. I discussed the distinction between public and private photos in an earlier post.

Here’s my Flick web address:

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