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OutWit Images is a cool, free Mozilla Firefox add-on includes a powerful image search and save engine. This Firefox 3 add-on is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

You download and install this add-on from the Firefox Add-ons site, and end up with an OutWit Images button on your Firefox toolbar (see Figure 1).

OutWit Images Icon
Figure 1: OutWit Images button on the Firefox toolbar

Thereafter when you are browsing a page that has too many pictures, or some pictures you like — just click the OutWit Images button to launch the OutWit Images application in a new window that starts with a black background filled with image previews, and little else as shown in Figure 2. In addition to using the active page as a starting point to launch OutWit Images, you can do the image searches within OutWit Images too (the top right of the interface shows a search box).

OutWit Images Sample Screenshot
Figure 2: The OutWit Images interface

Click on any image and you’ll see a larger preview of the image. Notice the horizontal pane below the search results — that’s called the Catch — yes, that’s “catch” as in fishing! You can drag any thumbnail you like, and drag it to the Catch area as shown in Figure 3.

OutWit Images Drag Screenshot
Figure 3: Drag an image to the Catch

Once the images are in the catch, they remain there even if you shut down the OutWit Images interface unless you clear them on your own. Images in the catch can be played in a slideshow, or saved as well. You can also send image links for all the images saved in the catch.

So what is the catch in providing an amazing add-on that’s more like an application for free? Ariane Chang of OutWit Technologies says “there is no catch to our free software other than that we would like to get out name out there and make searching, collecting and saving many images at a time in a search — thus especially useful when compiling presentations”.

Thanks Ariane — and for all of you who want to use OutWit Images to search for images to use in your PowerPoint presentations, make sure you you use only images that are copyright free, and allowed to be used in presentations!

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2 responses to “Focus on OutWit Images”

  1. TK says:

    This freeware has been useful in my school slide presentations.

  2. John Carlson says:

    I’ve been using Outwit Images ever since they came out with it. Glad to see people are talking about it.

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