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What if you browsed to any of the video sites like YouTube using the Safari browser on your Mac, and selected one of the movies to view on the site — maybe this was a music video, an interview, a trailer, or just something else. And then you checked out another YouTube movie — and then you shut down Safari altogether and launched your iTunes to hear the sound track of all the movie clip pages you visited. So how did the sound tracks get into your iTunes in the first place?

That was AudioExtractor at work — like the best things in life, this one does its work quietly without you being aware — and you can reap the rewards and take the software for granted!

AudioExtractor is from PocketMac, based out of California, USA — my contact was Tim Goggin.

To use AudioExtractor, you just launch it and minimize it to the dock. Then browse any video site as you would do normally. Behind the scenes, AudioExtractor does its work — and that’s all there is to this program!

However, nothing is stopping you from watching it work — and it does have a rather cool interface as you can see in Figure 1.

Figure 1: The PocketMac AudioExtractor interface

Do remember though that since most movie videos at sites like YouTube are compressed, you may not get extremely high quality results suitable for professional use — however, you wouldn’t be able to use any of the extracted sounds for non-personal use anyway due to copyright restrictions.

PocketMac Audio Extractor costs only $9.95 — just wish they make a version that works on Windows as well!

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